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André-Joyaux, Emy (2021) Alkylboronic Esters as Radical Precursors: Applications to Deboronative Radical Chain Reactions thesis.


Barras, Arnaud Gian (2021) Assessing the response of mountain birds to rapid environmental change: conservation ecology of the Alpine Ring Ouzel (Turdus torquatus alpestris) thesis.

Berner, Roman Matthias (2021) ArgonCube – A Novel Concept for Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers thesis.

Binaghi, Marta (2021) Understanding genetic and phenotypic diversity in the speciation of Petunia : evolution of quantitative and qualitative traits thesis.

Burger, Friedrich Anton (2021) Modeling extreme events in ocean acidity and compound extreme events using a comprehensive Earth system model thesis.

Bärtschi, Michael (2021) ATRo and Some Related Theories thesis.

Bürgin, Reto (2021) Digitalization in the mountains : digital transformations and digital multilocality in Swiss mountain areas thesis.

Bürki, Nutcha (2021) Functionalization of Supramolecular Assemblies of Polyaromatic Oligophosphates and Energy Transfer in DNA-assembled Oligochromophores thesis.


Capecchi, Alice (2021) Cheminformatics Tools to Explore the Chemical Space of Peptides and Natural Products thesis.

Chanel, Estelle Ghislaine Amélie (2021) The BeamEDM experiment and the measurement of the neutron incoherent scattering length of 199Hg thesis.

Chen, Yi (2021) Impact of stacked Bt maize on aquatic non-target arthropods thesis.

Chen, Yifan (2021) Methods for precision studies of neutrino interactions thesis.


De Vito, Giorgio (2021) Flexibility properties and homology of Gromov-Vaserstein fibres thesis.

Debrunner, Gabriela (2021) The business of densification : coping with social challenges under scarce land use conditions in Swiss cities thesis.

Desiatkina, Oksana (2021) Ruthenium complexes for the treatment of protozoan diseases of medical and veterinary importance thesis.


Feller, Anna Fiona (2021) On the genetic architecture of an adaptive radiation thesis.

Fernández Vilanova, Lucas Raul (2021) Positive Hopf plumbed links with maximal signature thesis.

Feurer, Mélanie (2021) Ecosystem services for communities in forest frontiers: An assessment of nature’s benefits to local stakeholders under different land use and tenure systems in a tropical frontier landscape in Myanmar thesis.

Fisher, Chloe Elizabeth (2021) Characterising Exoplanet Atmospheres using Traditional Methods and Supervised Machine Learning thesis.

Föhn, Martina (2021) NIM: The Neutral Gas and Ion Mass Spectrometer to Explore the Galilean Ice Worlds thesis.


Gegg, Lukas (2021) The Mid-Pleistocene landscape history of the Lower Aare Valley with emphasis on subglacial overdeepening thesis.

Gerhát, Borbála Mercédesz (2021) Pseudo numerical ranges, Schur complement dominant operator matrices, Schrödinger operators with accretive potentials in weighted spaces and applications to damped wave equations thesis.

Glauser, Andreas (2021) Factors influencing the quality of bottom ash from municipal solid waste incineration in Switzerland thesis.

Gnägi, Lars (2021) Organic Peroxides in Radical Chemistry and Stereochemical Study of the Intramolecular Schmidt Reaction thesis.

Gobbin, Tiziana Paola (2021) The role of parasites in host speciation. Testing for parasite-mediated divergent selection at different stages of speciation in cichlid fish thesis.

Gálvez-Vázquez, María de Jesús (2021) CO2 Electroreduction on Silver Catalysts Under Controlled Mass Transport Conditions thesis.


Hermann, Benedikt (2021) ACHIP at SwissFEL - Electron Beam Shaping with Dielectric Micro Structures thesis.

Hornung, Manes (2021) The Vortex in the (2 + 1)-dimensional O(2) Model and Effective Low-Energy Theory for Spin Chains in a Strong Magnetic Field thesis.


Ilg, Armin (2021) Novel Analysis Techniques and High-Speed Readout to Search for New Physics thesis.

Imhof, Sebastian (2021) Emerging transport solutions and their contributions towards sustainable rural transport systems thesis.

Ionescu, Paul (2021) The Chemistry of Copernicium: Superheavy Element and Homolog Studies thesis.


Jenni, Simon (2021) Learning Generalizable Visual Patterns Without Human Supervision thesis.

Jevrić, Jovana (2021) Amine-Linked Oligomers of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Synthesis, Properties and Supramolecular Assembly thesis.


Kang, Jisuk (2021) Multidisciplinary Investigation of Hydrothermal Fluids in the Janggun Zn-Pb Mineralization (South Korea): Mineralogy, Trace Elements, Pb and S Isotopic Compositions thesis.

Kim, Woon Mi (2021) Extreme hydrological events during the last 3500 years and their changes in the future thesis.

Kiran, Kiran (2021) CO2 to X: electrochemical CO2 reduction on metal foam catalysts thesis.

Kleinspehn, Clemens (2021) Mechanisms underlying biodiversity effects on community productivity thesis.

Koller, Patrick (2021) A Method to Improve the Neutrino Energy Reconstruction in LArTPCs thesis.

Köster, Moritz Johannes (2021) Climate−dependent phosphorus forms and their utilization by plants and microorganisms thesis.


Laub, Laetitia (2021) Short-distance constraints on the hadronic light-by-light contribution to the muon g-2 thesis.

Lechmann, Alessandro Diego (2021) An integrated geological-geophysical approach to subsurface interface reconstruction of muon tomography measurements in high alpine regions thesis.

Lehmann, Eveline (2021) Subset Semantics for Justifications thesis.

Li, Qiyu (2021) Set-valued Data: Regression, Design and Outliers thesis.

Lukmanov, Rustam A. (2021) Characterization of bio-organic and inorganic chemistries using Laser-based Mass Spectrometry thesis.


Mettler, Thomas (2021) Detection and Measurement of Neutrino Interaction in a Cosmic Contaminated Environment thesis.

Monnard, Joachim (2021) Radiative corrections for the two-pion contribution to the hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to the muon g-2 thesis.

Mühlemann, Anja (2021) The Role of Loss Functions in Regression Problems thesis.

Müller, Jurek (2021) Wetlands through time – modeling changes in area and greenhouse gas budgets from the past to the future thesis.


Nanhthavong, Vong (2021) Pathways to sustainable agricultural investments in the Lao PDR: Transformations in natural resource and labour relations through land-based investments and their impacts on human well-being thesis.

Nformidah-Ndah, Siggy Signe (2021) Evolution Of The Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle Below A Major Tectono-Volcanic Structure: Constraints From Mantle Xenoliths Along The Cameroon Volcanic Line thesis.

Nigg, Valentin (2021) Sedimentological signatures of lacustrine tsunamis thesis.


Pianoforte, Federico (2021) Poisson convergence in stochastic geometry via generalized size-bias coupling thesis.


Reihs, Benedikt (2021) Processing of Space Surveillance Observations thesis.


Saturnino, Francesco (2021) Flavor Physics in the Standard Model and Beyond thesis.

Schreiter, Lucas Fabian (2021) Analysis and Quality Assessment of LEO GPS Data for Geophysical and Ionospheric Applications thesis.

Schröder, Johanna (2021) Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells and Water Electrolyzers: From Synthesis to Performance Evaluation at Realistic Reaction Conditions thesis.

Schwaller, Philippe (2021) Learning the Language of Chemical Reactions – Atom by Atom. Linguistics-Inspired Machine Learning Methods for Chemical Reaction Tasks thesis.

Schweizer, Tobias (2021) Time-Domain Ptychography and its Applications in Ultrafast Science thesis.

Serra, Elena (2021) Paleo-glacier history and geomorphic evolution in the Western European Alps since the Last Glacial Maximum thesis.

Stocker, Francesca (2021) Measurement of the Pion Absorption Cross-Section with the ProtoDUNE Experiment thesis.


Trechsel, Lilian Julia (2021) Learning for Sustainable Development in Higher Education and Beyond: Finding and Shaping Transformative Spaces thesis.

Tschirren, Linda (2021) Towards an effective improvement of fish health and welfare in aquaculture with standards for protocols for both the evaluation of mycotoxins and the on-farm assessment of fish welfare thesis.

Tu, Luyao (2021) Sedimentary phosphorus dynamics in response to lake trophy and mixing regime changes during the Late-Glacial, Holocene and the Anthropocene: three case studies from deep lakes in Switzerland thesis.

Tuyt, Olim Frits (2021) One-Variable Fragments of First-Order Many-Valued Logics thesis.


Velásquez Álvarez, Patricio Andrés (2021) Regional Climate Modelling over Europe at Glacial Times thesis.

Vignali, Sergio (2021) Predicting areas of potential conflicts between bearded vultures (Gypaetus barbatus) and wind turbines in the Swiss Alps thesis.


Zander, Paul David (2021) The varved sediments of Lake Żabińskie, Poland as a high-resolution archive of environmental change thesis.

Zandi, Nadia (2021) 61Cu/67Cu theranostic pair production, chemical separation and radiolabeling thesis.

Zivko, Cristina (2021) Lipid based anti-fibrotic formulations and their impact on extracellular vesicles thesis.

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