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Adam, James Natia (2022) The politics of decentralization in Ghana : impacts on natural resource management, sustainability and gender relations thesis.

Adenle, Ademola Andrew (2022) Land Degradation and Its Impacts on Ecosystem Services in the Nigerian Guinea Savannah: Implications for Sustainable Land Management thesis.

Ali, Syed Mubashshir (2022) Recurrent Rossby waves: drivers and links to persistent weather thesis.

Anand, Aryavart (2022) Chronology and Genealogy of Early Solar System Materials from Chromium Isotopes thesis.


Ballantyne, Harry (2022) Planetary-Scale Impacts and their Geophysical Consequences thesis.

Borges da Silva, Lucas (2022) High-resolution reconstruction of atmospheric CO2 concentrations during the last interglacial based on the EDC ice core thesis.

Bruni, Pia Simona (2022) Aspects of cyclodextrin host-guest complexes in mass spectrometry thesis.

Buchmann, Moritz (2022) How does the homogenisation of snow measurements impact snow climatology in the Alps? (Hom4Snow) thesis.

Bühlmann, Patrick (2022) The Schwinger model in the canonical formulation thesis.

Bürli, Sarah Audrey (2022) Causes and consequences of the rarity of plant species thesis.


Caggìa, Veronica Lucia Luigina (2022) Effects of environmental chemicals on soil and plant health thesis.

Cirule, Dace (2022) Synthesis of Cyclopentenone Isoprostanes and Highly Functionalized Cyclopentanes thesis.


Du, Jia (2022) A new concept for nanocomposite electrocatalysts: studying the oxygen reduction/evolution reaction and the formic acid oxidation reaction on Pt-based systems thesis.


Fiorillo, Luigi (2022) Automated Sleep Scoring, Deep Learning and Physician Supervision thesis.


Gadient, Pascal (2022) The Dilemma of Security Smells and How to Escape It thesis.

Gfeller, Valentin (2022) The impact of benzoxazinoids on agroecological plant-soil feedbacks thesis.

Giger, Johannes Marcus (2022) International Land Acquisitions in the Global South: Patterns, Drivers, and Impacts thesis.

Guan, Hang (2022) The Role of Soil Indigenous Microbes and Their Interactions with Maize Plants in Arsenic Uptake, Translocation, Speciation and Detoxification in the Soil-Plant System thesis.


Henzi, Alexander (2022) Isotonic Distributional Regression thesis.

Hofstetter, Elena (2022) Enantioselective Hydroalkylation and Natural Product Modification Mediated by Radical Reactions thesis.


Illien, Patrick (2022) The bittersweet taste of “miracle growth”: a political economy analysis of poverty, labour, and economic growth in the coffee heartlands of Laos and Rwanda thesis.


Lasser, Martin (2022) Noise Modelling for GRACE Follow-On Observables in the Celestial Mechanics Approach thesis.

Lüthi, Martina Nadine (2022) Reconstitution of pollinator-mediated speciation in Petunia through single gene mutations thesis.


Mandrakis, Vasileios (2022) Atmospheric measurements including AirCore measurements thesis.

Marchini, Valentina (2022) Biocatalytic Tools for Enzymatic Cascades thesis.

Mastropierro, Pasquale (2022) Tailor made mixed-metal reagents for metalation/C-C bond forming processes thesis.

Meier, Tobias Gabriel (2022) Interior dynamics of tidally locked super-Earths thesis.

Meishvili, Givi (2022) Learning Representations for Controllable Image Restoration thesis.

Musy, Stéphanie Lisa (2022) Further developments of radio-noble gas groundwater dating – assessment of 39Ar and 37Ar underground production, and development of a new 85Kr sampling technique thesis.


Onink, Victor (2022) From coastlines to the deep sea: modeling plastic transport in the global ocean thesis.


Patkar, Nitish Shriniwas (2022) Supporting multiple stakeholders in agile development thesis.

Peverelli, Veronica (2022) Epidote U–Pb geochronology and isotope geochemistry to trace the hydration of the continental crust in orogens thesis.

Pfarrer, Beat Ulrich (2022) Museum specimens under scrutiny – new insights into the phylogeny of continental molluscs thesis.


Rani, Pooja (2022) Assessing Comment Quality in Object-Oriented Languages thesis.

Renn, Mara Muriel (2022) Quantifying human impacts to tease apart cultural and climatic drivers of Holocene vegetation change thesis.

Reyes Contreras, Maria Isabel (2022) Mechanisms and behavioural consequences of egg-mediated maternal effects thesis.

Riede, Aaron Christopher (2022) Fourier Transform Four-Wave Mixing Spectroscopy with Femtosecond Single-Shot Interferometry thesis.

Rivoire, Pauline Marie Clémence (2022) On the assessment of precipitation extremes in reanalysis and ensemble forecast datasets thesis.

Rothenbühler, Simon (2022) DNA Architectonics: Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Oligonucleotides into Supramolecular Nanostructures thesis.

Rudolf von Rohr, Christoph (2022) Measurement of Muon Neutrino Charged Current Inclusive Interactions on Argon thesis.


Salvador, Sara (2022) Bayesian inference and Monte Carlo methods for directional data thesis.

Schliemann, René Jens (2022) Towards understanding the dissolution mechanism of clay minerals – An ab initio simulations study thesis.

Schott, Josua (2022) Holomorphic Factorization of Mappings into Sp2n(C) thesis.

Schulthess, Ivo (2022) Search for Axion-Like Dark Matter and Exotic Yukawa-Like Interaction thesis.

Schwenk, Michael Alfred (2022) The Bümpliz trough sedimentary succession: a key to unravel the history of Mid-Pleistocene ice cover and lake formation in the overdeepened Aare Valley (Bern, CH) thesis.

Slodowicz, Daniel (2022) Grassland Restoration: Relative effectiveness of different restoration methods on plant and invertebrate diversity thesis.


Thakkar, Amol Vijay (2022) Computer Aided Synthesis Prediction to Enable Augmented Chemical Discovery and Chemical Space Exploration thesis.

Thönen, Lisa (2022) Maize root bacteria cooperate to tolerate and metabolise host-secreted plant specialized metabolites thesis.

Tschumi, Elisabeth Andrea (2022) The effects of differing drought-heat signatures on terrestrial carbon dynamics and vegetation composition using dynamic vegetation modelling thesis.

Tschumi, Pascal (2022) Social Innovation and Growth Independence: Knowledge and Co-Creation in Agency towards Growth-Independent Regional Development thesis.

Turin, Riccardo (2022) Distributional approximations and set-valued sublinear expectations thesis.


Vagheian, Mehran (2022) A point source high power converter target to produce Bremsstrahlung for photonuclear reactions thesis.

Vargas De León, Alejandro José (2022) Gonality of metric graphs and Catalan-many tropical morphisms to trees thesis.


Wolffers, Mirjam Sophia (2022) Thermodynamic model of flue gas cooling path and implications on heavy metal recovery from MSWI fly ash thesis.


Zakharova, Elena (2022) Peptides and Peptide Dendrimers as Drug Delivery and Anticancer Agents thesis.

Zanella, Matheus Alves (2022) Between Global Committees, National Policymaking and a Single Kitchen: Governing Food Systems Towards Sustainability in an Era of Multi-Stakeholderism thesis.

Zelocualtecatl Montiel, Ivan (2022) Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide in Advanced Electrolyser Systems thesis.

Zhou, Ping (2022) Investigation on Intramolecular Charge Transfer in π-Conjugated Donor and Acceptor Ensembles thesis.

Zimmermann, Christoph Martin (2022) Formulation and characterization of siRNA embedded nanoparticles for pulmonary delivery thesis.

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