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Aebischer, Stefan (2016) Three Essays on Innovation and Precautionary Cash Holdings thesis, University of Bern.

Anastasiades, Carlos (2016) Information-centric communication in mobile and wireless networks thesis, Universität Bern.

Barth, Lukas Abraham (2016) Mehrsprachigkeit in russisch-schweizerischen Familien thesis.

Borter, Natalie (2016) Aufgabenkomplexität und Intelligenz thesis, Universität Bern.

Bänninger, Anja (2016) From rest to task thesis, Graduate School for Health Sciences, University of Bern.

Caracciolo, Andrea Enrico Francis (2016) A unified approach to architecture conformance checking thesis, Universität Bern.

Chis, Vasile-Andrei (2016) Moldable tools thesis, Universität Bern.

Cuenca Vera, Miguelangel (2016) Exploring the pathogen-commensal continuum: Cell wall auxotrophic bacteria in gnotobiotic mice thesis, University of Bern.

Dichter, Oliver (2016) Pension plans: risk and governance thesis, University of Bern.

Dèzes, Mariia (2016) Refined isotopic compositions of K, Ca and a complementary comparison of the 40K-40Ca, 40K-40Ar and 87Rb-87Sr chronometers thesis.

Essl, Andrea Maria (2016) Three essays in behavioral and managerial economics thesis, Universität Bern.

Felder, Guido (2016) Methoden zur Abschätzung extremer Hochwasser thesis, Universität Bern.

Funk, Eva (2016) «Am Fremden müssen wir lernen, das Eigene zu erkennen». Kulturelle Differenz, Alterität und Identität in Repräsentationen Tibets und des tibetischen Buddhismus thesis, Universität Bern.

Haurholm-Larsen, Steffen (2016) A Grammar of Garifuna thesis, University of Bern.

Hof, Stefanie (2016) Essays on the Economics of Education thesis, University of Bern.

Hümbelin, Oliver (2016) Ungleichheit, Umverteilung und der Wohlfahrtsstaat in der Schweiz thesis, Universität Bern.

Indergand, Ronald (2016) Four essays in macroeconomics thesis, Universität Bern.

Jevean, Patrick (2016) Management of dental anxiety: a cross-sectional survey in private dental practices in western Switzerland (Romandie) thesis, Universität Bern.

Jokuschies, Nina Maria (2016) Erfassung und Validierung der subjektiven Talentkriterien von Fussballtrainern unter Verwendung eines konstruktivistischen Ansatzes thesis, Universität Bern.

Kashev, Alexander (2016) Justification with nominals thesis, Institut für Informatik und angewandte Mathematik.

Kaufmann, David (2016) Varieties of capital cities thesis, University of Bern.

Kokkinis, Ioannis (2016) Uncertain Reasoning in Justification Logic thesis, Institute of Computer Science.

Kolesnyk, Petro (2016) Bi-log-concave distribution and regression functions thesis.

Kronenberg, Regula Monika (2016) Dauerhaftes Sistieren einer schweren Symptomatik von „Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome“/ Chronisch abakterieller Prostatitis nach Injektion von Procain (Neuraltherapie) an den Plexus vesicoprostaticus. Fallbericht und Literaturreview mit Beschreibung möglicher Wirkmechanismen thesis, Universität Bern.

Kurš, Jan (2016) Parsing for agile modeling thesis, Universität Bern.

Kyburz, Stephan Daniel (2016) Essays in Development and Political Economics: Infrastructure, the Political Resource Curse, and Technology Spillovers thesis, Universität Bern.

Li, Zan (2016) Fine-grained indoor positioning and tracking systems thesis, Universität Bern.

Loher, David (2016) The Limits of Control : Transnational Migration Trajectories of Clandestine Tunisian Migrants and Assisted Return Between Governed Voluntariness and Repression thesis.

Manzi, Marco (2016) Advanced Techniques in Gradient-Domain Rendering thesis, Universität Bern.

Merks, Sarah (2016) Elucidating different aspects of speed of information processing: comparison of behavioral response latency and P300 latency in a modified Hick reaction time task thesis, Universität Bern.

Michel, Andrea (2016) The complement of the open orbit for tame quivers thesis, Universität Bern.

Misev, Filip (2016) On the Plumbing Structure of Fibre Surfaces thesis, University of Bern.

Moll, Kurt (2016) Das Gebot der Wirksamkeit im Alpenschutz: Evaluation in der Verlagerungspolitik thesis, Universität Bern.

Müller, Barbara (2016) Four essays on the economics of vocational education and training thesis, University of Bern.

Nobre Gomes, André Sérgio (2016) Performance Enhancement of Content Delivery in Mobile Networks thesis, University of Bern and University of Coimbra.

Nukic, Senada (2016) Essays in macroeconomics thesis, University of Bern.

Poonoosamy, Jenna (2016) Dissolution-Precipitation in Porous Media: Experiments and Modelling thesis, University of Bern.

Proedrou, Elisavet (2016) Three-dimensional simulations of the ozone layer and atmospheric dynamics of earth-like habitable planets thesis, University of Bern.

Rezende dos Santos, Leonardo Humberto (2016) Materials properties from electron density distributions: Molecular magnetism and linear optical properties thesis, Universität Bern.

Rogger, Jonas (2016) Decidability of Order-Based Modal Logics thesis, University of Bern.

Saengsuwan, Jittima (2016) Investigation of robotics-assisted tilt table technology for cardiopulmonary exercise testing in stroke patients thesis, University of Bern.

Spasojevic, Boris (2016) Developing Ecosystem-aware Tools thesis, Universität Bern.

Suter, Roman (2016) Bildungserfolg trotz Migrationshintergrund: Ressourcen von bildungserfolgreichen jungen Erwachsenen mit Migrationshintergrund in der Schweiz thesis, Universität Bern.

Wapp, Manuela (2016) Internal and external effects on cognition: Evidence from memory training in very preterm-born children and cognition in patients with carotid artery stenosis before and after treatment thesis, University of Bern.

Wininger von Holzen, Jacqueline (2016) Untersuchungen zur spätrömischen Keramik aus Syene/Assuan in Oberägypten (4.-7. Jahrhundert AD). Haus 9 und seine Umgebung in Areal 1. Grabungskampagnen 1 bis 4 thesis, Universität Bern.

Wüest, Alyssa Laurence (2016) Comparison of treatment strategies for anaemia of prematurity in extremely low birthweight infants between 1997 and 2011 thesis, Universität Bern.

Zimmermann, Adrian (2016) Applications of Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling in Service Operations Management thesis, Universität Bern.

Zimmermann, Béatrice (2016) Perception, Interpretation and Managing of Climate Change and Related Natural Hazards in Tajikistan thesis, University of Bern.

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